How to prepare for GRE in one week

It takes a lot of hard work to score a 330+ on your GRE

or a 320. To attain such a score or even a 300 requires quite a good GRE study plan and a tremendous amount of work to get there. The point is, hard work, skills, and excellent strategy are needed to attain high scores. If you’ve procrastinated in your study, it can be quite hard to achieve that score, but that not a reason to throw your hands in despair believing that nothing can be done. With a good strategy and a useful guide, you can improve your score even wi

th the little time that you might have. In this guide, you will find a simple approach to use for one week GRE preparation.

Practice, practice, practice

There is no way around this; you must practice using as many tests as you can get. Practicing allows you to train your brain to recognize questions quickly because GRE test questions are pretty much the same in terms of format, logic and most cases the content. So, you need to start practicing from your first day of the week before GRE exam. Practicing more will also allow you to relieve tensions that come along with exams and this may allow you to perform better.

Focus more on the strongest Area

Remember, you are running out of time, your exam is probably a few days away, so you will be at an advantage if you concentrate on your stronger side. If you are naturally good on vocabulary, grammar, contextual analysis, or maths for that case, then focus on that area before you focus on other areas. Do not overly invest in your stronger area and forget the other areas. The test question may lean much on your weaker area, so spend your time wisely. Make sure you prepare a timetable to follow throughout the week. You can start with day 1 to day 6. Then on day seven, concentrate on an area that you are strong at, and do not let anyone distract you from those areas.

Focus on the concept

As noted previously, scoring a 320 is not that easy, it takes time and an enormous amount of GRE study. In this case, you do not have the luxury of time. So, you will need to be strategic in your prep. You need to focus on the concepts and not on problems. If you agonize over a specific problem, you will end up losing much of your precious time.
Now, these are just strategies that you can use at the last minute as you wait for your GRE. There are a couple of GRE Prep book you can use to prepare for your exam. These books often vary in regard, to materials, content, and other parameters, therefore, it is important to look for the Best GRE prep book available. You must get one that has earned a reputation for providing quality prep materials. With the best GRE prep book and a little bit of hard work and dedication, you can be on your way to earning a 300+ in your GRE.

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